1227131525cWho is Aneleda?

Some call her the War Bard of The East.
Some call her the Northern Army Bard.
Some call her the Voice of the Combatants.*

Her songs inspire deeds of arms and art.
Her fiery spirit bids the most meek and humble bravely
bleed blue and gold for their king and kin.
Her sweet voice calls to mind tender moments of love by a warm northern fire.

Harp and voice…
Drum and pen…
Original and period…

and SCA favorites combine.

Everyone will find something pleasing to the ear.
A dash of Heather Dale, Rosalind Jehanne,
and a little Lisa Theriot,
thrown in “pure thundering awesomeness.”

That’s Aneleda Falconbridge.

* It has been noted that some also call her instagatrix, troublemaker, and pain-in-the….ear.


Monique Bouchard, Aneleda’s modern alter ego, is a classically-trained vocalist who enjoys singing Mozart, Fauré, Schubert, and many others. A church cantor, she sings regularly at funerals and weddings in central Maine. She’s been known to perform in community theatre now and again, and long, long ago even sang with a rock band in her college days. She is a dabbler in many crafts, none of which involve sewing and most of which involve noise. She lives in Old Town, Maine with her husband and son.